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May 24, 2023

This week we interview Fouad Al Noor. Fouad is the Co-Founder and CEO of ThinkSono. Prior to ThinkSono, Fouad was an entrepreneur with Entrepreneur First, where they created a medical software startup.

Fouad has also worked as a Research Assistant at Imperial College London, where they worked on the design of data logging and battery optimization circuit for a portable EEG sensor. This device is used to help with sleep monitoring using brain signals.

Before that, Fouad worked as a Software Engineer at SAP, where they worked on front-end UI for a large manufacturing project. Fouad has also worked as an Events Manager at Cafe Parfait, where they helped design a night out for the club. Fouad has also interned at SPI Lasers as an Electronic Engineering Intern and was the Opinions Editor at Wessex Scene.

Fouad Al Noor has a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology from the University of Southampton.