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Mar 9, 2023

This week we revisit our conversation with Beverly Behan. Bev is one of the foremost global experts on board effectiveness, having worked with nearly 200 Boards of Directors (largely S&P 1500s) over the past 25 years. She’s worked with boards across the United States and around the world on a range of issues, including the design of genuinely worthwhile board and director evaluations and the development of comprehensive CEO and board succession plans. 

We discuss her newest book New CEO's and Boards: How to Build a Great Board Relationship-and a Great Board. She also consults to Board Chairs and new CEOs about optimizing their effectiveness in leading and working with their boards.  Bev is the author of the governance classic, Great Companies Deserve Great Boards, named Governance Book of the Year by Directors & Boards magazine in 2012 and Board & Director Evaluations:  Innovations for 21st Century Governance Committees.  Becoming a Boardroom Star, debuted in Sept/21 as the #1 New Release on Amazon in corporate governance.