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Jul 11, 2019

In this episode, we interview Genie James; we discuss the question Is Stress hijacking your brain and sabotaging your career? Genie gives tips and tools to turn that around. We also discuss the use of virtual reality to treat chronic stress, pain, and addiction.

Genie James has proven herself as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur with unparalleled success in early recognition of - and capitalization on - emerging trends within the healthcare industry.  Over 20+ years, she has worked closely with large healthcare systems, physician organizations, private equity groups, and venture capitalists.

As President and Founder of GJ Enterprises, LLC, Genie now blends her operational business acumen with her clinical training in neurosciences and cognitive repatterning.  Exciting alliances include BehaVR, providing virtual reality treatments for chronic stress, pain and addiction and Spark Biomedical, launching non-invasive neurostimulation solutions for opioid withdrawal.   

In 2018, Genie was recognized as by TeamHealth as one of twelve rising women leaders in healthcare.

Genie is also the bestselling author of six books and a much sought-after speaker. She first turned the traditional medical community on its ear with her books Making Managed Care Work (McGraw-Hill) and Winning in the Women’s Healthcare Marketplace (Jossey-Bass).  Her seventh book, Brain Switch:  The Neuroscience and Spirituality of New Beginnings is scheduled for release early 2020. 

Genie has a Master of Medical Science from Emory University and PhD Studies from University of Tennessee.