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Oct 12, 2023

 This week, we interviewed Emily Jordan Gargas. Emily is a dynamic force in the world of marketing. She holds a remarkable track record across various sectors such as tech, sports/fitness, healthcare, retail and has led teams at global heavyweights like Nike and Google as well as nimble, high growth startups like Tubi and Willow. Most recently, she was steering the ship as the VP of Marketing at Willow Innovations spearheading consumer awareness, brand strategy and performance marketing.

 She’s an expert architect of brand campaigns, product launches, and digital initiatives and enjoys nothing more than masterfully constructing high-caliber marketing teams under a culture infused with innovation and collaboration. She has won a number of AdWeek and AdAge awards for her provocative brand campaigns and a Cannes Lion for her work on Google’s first popup store and retail strategy. 

Emily lives in Oakland California with her husband, Dan and 10 month old daughter, Jovie. She credits much of her success to having a supportive partner, a helpful support system and her midwestern work ethic.